The Creation of Chakra Ascension and Our Mission Statement

After working with the Native American energy for over 20 years, in 2016 Johnathin felt the creative need to combine the cosmic light energy of the 7 Chakra stones with the Native American calming, energy of lava rock and created his first Chakra bracelet shown in one of the pictures above.  Ironically, you will notice in the stone dangle there is an image of a Native American girl he calls his Chakra angel. This was the first of many hundreds of Chakra bracelets designed and created by Johnathin which have been sold to customers all over the world.  The simple combination of the seven Chakras and the Native American energy found in what we call our "neutral" beads on either side of the Chakra stones creates our "magical" sauce in all our Chakra bracelets that we offer; each having different energies derived from the Medicine Wheel. Additionally, a beautiful "spirit" Cavalier King Charles Spaniel came into our life shortly after the first bracelet was created and we named her Chakra.  You can meet her at most of our vendor shows around the country. 
Our Mission Statement is to realize that all things and beings on the earth are related and therefore must be in harmony for the earth to be balanced.  Ascension, by definition, is the path of those who are choosing to consciously step into a higher level of light...rather, through expanded awareness, and by integrating the higher vibrational consciousness of our spiritual selves, we are able to ascend.
Our fine Chakra gemstone jewelry has been created in order to balance and cleanse your Chakras.  We will strive to share our knowledge through simple words and techniques using our jewelry and music to balance your Chakras.

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